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You have a product or a service, but you're not really sure how to bring it to life in the form of a video. In today’s digital market place, video content is a powerful and necessary tool to add to your marketing platform. It allows you to provide more information to your customer in a personable and direct delivery method.

At Ubitquity Media, we engage our clients with a step-by-step process to quickly bring forth the very best that video can offer. If you are wondering how we accomplish all this, let's walk through the steps and creative process that will unfold:

Concept & Creative Meeting - An initial meeting of the minds to brainstorm the creative concept and business requirements of the video. 

Treatment - A document that outlines the concept of the piece. Key production notes will be drafted as a basis to help develop the script. 

Script - Creation of the script, which is an on-going collaboration between the client and us. Once it is locked, we set milestones for key deliverables and timeline for shoot.

Talent/Locations/Equipment/Crew - We will provide any and all of this as needed. We can do casting; secure shooting locations and equipment (SD/HD cameras, professional sound equipment). Our production crews are highly experienced and dedicated in their field.

Post-Production - Once your project is “in the can,” our editor gets to work on a rough cut of the work; we get it back to you for review and notes, and then do another pass for a near final cut of the project.  

Finished Product - The video is done. We encode the content in whatever formats needed to embed into your company website or other social media platforms.  

Post-Mortem - You get the final video as well as all of the raw footage for future use, on an external hard drive. We can also coordinate creation of DVD’s or other media formats needed for presentation at trade shows or to send out as marketing materials to clients. If you need alternate version lengths of the final product, that service can be purchased as an add-on at any point in time.

There are no limitations for the use of video content within your company, and for your customers. Whether you want to create a sales presentation, or an advertising piece, a product demonstration piece, a social media video that speaks to your company’s mission or a presentation for your investors, we can help you achieve this. The possibilities are endless.