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Karen Headings

Karen brings her experience of over a decade of working in the film and media industry to every project.  She has worked on over forty feature films, as well as industrial videos, music videos and television ("Brothers & Sisters") and produced five independent films. 

Since moving back to Idaho four years ago, she served as a consulting producer for Silverdraft Studios, and as the Video Production Manager for As the President of Idaho Media Professionals for two years, she helped establish the group as a 501 C-3, and worked with the group to get a film bill passed that will provide incentives for production companies to choose Idaho as their filming location. 

In addition to producing video content for small to medium size businesses, Karen is continuing to pursue her career as a film producer working with local Idaho filmmakers on short and feature length films.

About Ubitquity Media
It’s a rapidly changing world and the web has made it much smaller, as well as highly competitive for businesses selling their products and services. Ubitquity Media offers affordable turnkey video production services for companies that want to take their marketing message to the next level by utilizing video content on their website as well as other social media platforms. We start from the ground up--helping you determine your best strategy for optimizing your product or service. At the end of the day, we strive to provide our clients with a well-produced, high-quality video with a strong and focused message. We’ll help you tell your story however it needs to be told, and there are so many ways to make it unique, interesting and one that will fit your company and your customer’s needs.
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What's your vision?  We can help you realize your company's full potential by creating content that speaks to your company and customer's needs. We have affordable packages and can work with your budget.

Jaki has been working in the film and media industry for the past eight years. A graduate of Boise State University’s School of Communications, Jaki has since worked on a number of award winning projects, including as an associate producer on ‘First Circle,’ a documentary featured on the Showtime network, following Idaho families and the murky foster care system.  

Jaki is a highly experienced photographer, editor and director, and continues to pursue her filmmaking career. Her passion definitely shows in her work and her attitude in life.
Jaki Covington
Creative Consultant
Chris Ennis
Director of Photography
After 12 years in Los Angeles, where he worked on national commercials and shooting shows for HGTV, The Food Network, MTV and The Travel Channel, Chris Ennis moved back to his home town of Boise, Idaho. He now shoots video for ad agencies and corporations throughout the Northwest. Recent projects include: America's Firehouse Chefs, a television pilot for The Food Network and Haiti's Medical Mission, a documentary about the only free children's hospital in Haiti. 

Chris is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. As a director of photography as well as an editor, Chris enjoys sharing his skills and knowledge by working with local independent filmmakers on their projects. When he’s not working, he and his family enjoy camping and being out on their boat.

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